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If you compare item to item, the price of the Airliner is comparable to that of EPS thickness for thicnkess. However, speaking overall, the Airliner is more cost effective. The price is also driven by quantities ordered.

You do need to take the time to inflate the liner. However, it does not take any more time than running back in forth from the warehouse to the packing station like with other insulating packaging.

Our R-value is 5.25 for a 4-baffle (1.5” thickness) and 4.50 for a 2-baffle (1” thickness). The most common product we are comparable to is EPS – those white Styrofoam boxes that take a lot of space.

Of course! We can make anything you would like – within the constraints of our machine. Whether we can make it or not will depend on how many units you are using annually.

Yes. It’s BEST if you insert the dry ice in a corrugated box or bubble wrap bag. Remember the Airliner is inflated. When in direct contact with -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-78.5 degrees C) the Airliner will lose pressure and look deflated. As the dry ice sublimates, the pressure will come back to “normal.”

The majority of our customers inflate with compressed air. However, you can inflate with Argon or CO2 in order to enhance the insulating performance between 15-18%

“It depends!” There are other more costly options such as closed cell polyurethane and VIP – vacuum insulation panels, or rock wool. These are the best in the insulating packaging materials. If you compare us to expanded polystyrene - those white Styrofoam boxes that take a lot of space, open cell PE, open cell PU then we are comparable. Compared to metalized foil bubble, we are far superior!

Suppose that 3 million Airliners produced annually were to replace 3 million EPS containers:
- The volume of waste saved would fill 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools…
- The energy saved would boil the water for 201 million cups of coffee…
- 3,340 tons of CO2 would be saved, the equivalent of the CO2 released by 1,570 cars…
- Which is also equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 126 short-haul commercial airplanes…
(Data by Pira – 2007)

Here are 5 sources that can offer a product of comparable performance to the Airliner.
-Coldkeepers offering the Extreme Box Liners which are composed of an open cell foam inner liner.
-Temperpack offering the One-piece jute encapsulated in 100% recyclabled plastic liner.
-IPC Pack offering the GreenLiner made out of a flexible polyurethane foam liner encased inside two metalized sleeves or the EcoLiner made from natural cotton based panels wrapped in a bio-based film.
-Cold Ice providing economical, durable and lightweight Molded Expanded Polystyrene or EPS coolers.
-KodiakKooler offering sustainable biodegradable insulating liner made out of superior natural cotton fibers.

Yes, allow us to understand what your challenges and objectives are and we will work with you on the full cost effective solution.

“YES!” As long as it is not punctured, you can use it as many times as needed. The Airliner should stay inflated for about a month.

It can be but we do not recommend it. The valve is a one-time use valve.

You could but it is a more costly step to add to your overall cost. The Airliner would cost less than the returning shipping. Think about it. Even though your packaging is part of a full life circle, however, you are contributing more to emissions back bringing it back.

-If your product is alive and has claws
-Live hedgehogs
-Unprocessed whole fish with fins
-The tropical fruit Durian

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